I love the word blossom…. …because I love the double meaning of this word. On the one hand, it refers to the flowers which come as a plant matures. Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essences founder and third generation botanist, teaches that the flower is the highest form of expression of the plant. The second definition is “to mature and develop in a promising or healthy way”… and this one isn’t just for the plants of course. When we think of ourselves blossoming, we see

Empowering Practice

How does our practice empower us? Human beings are truly magnificent creations. When we make a decision to master something new – if we practice that new skill correctly and with enough frequency, our brains develop stronger and faster neural connections. This means that over time, mastery is achieved and practice really can make “perfect”. (For a nice, easy neurobiology lesson on how it works on a cellular level, you can read more here.) This week, our wellspring process