A Biological Upgrade

Hello Beautiful People! I am fresh out of one of the most, if not the most incredible experiences of my life.​​ Last week, as you know, I attended an advanced retreat with around 750 other gorgeous souls. Words cannot describe the depth of my joy, the breadth of my love and the wholeness of my true self having been there. Upon reflection, the best way I can describe this retreat was partaking in a biological upgrade! Gratitude is the resounding sense. Probably the most wond

The alchemy of awareness

Since the magnificent full blood moon and lunar eclipse just past, I have felt a massive shift. I wonder if you have felt it too? There is a quickening in the air, an activation and a momentum. In this new awareness, there is an invitation. Perhaps it's always been there! Perhaps the full moon has done a bit of a sweep and taken with her some previous inhibitions and resistance that was weighing us down. Perhaps then, in this lighter state, we are more likely to resonate