Hanging On... just for a bit

And just like that, Spring is here! As I take in the world around me today and the shift of the season upon us, I feel the wind! It's pretty blowy out there! When I tune into Nature around me in this way, and get present with her, there's invariably a message.... And today, there was a picture and with it, a poem that wanted to emerge. Luckily I had a little time to let it come through.... Holding on to what's known as if by a thread As the air rushes and rushes We bend, the

Be Here *Now* and Love It!

How was your weekend? It was Mothers’ Day on Sunday which means Mfest weekend for us here on the Gold Coast Hinterland. Mfest, which takes place on Springbrook Mountain each May, is a celebration of motherhood and creativity and all things divinely ♡ feminine. We celebrate birthing, aging gracefully, gaining wisdom and all of our creative talents, however they might manifest on this earth plain. As I do most years, I facilitated a little workshop with my fellow musician frie