Ah life. There's nothing like a spiritual flu to come and bite you on the bottom after a blissful retreat and a couple of high flying weeks! I'm not going to lie, this last few days has been tough. I've had some massive headaches and a deep cough with a couple of days with one of those noses that feels like you've traded yourself in for life as a tap. I felt pretty darn crappy. Low energy. Real pain. You get the picture. It was really really hard to feel anywhere near b

Do you let love in?

Hello Wonderful People! I’m going to start this post by sending each and every one of you a wave of loving kindness! From my heart to yours…………. there it goes…… out to YOU! 💗 Did you feel it? If you’re coming up blank, maybe there’s a tweak of the dial that needs to be made in order for us to tune in directly to each other’s frequency. Here’s a question for you….right now in this generous present moment of pure potential…. "How much love am I letting in? If you’re reading t

Hanging On... just for a bit

And just like that, Spring is here! As I take in the world around me today and the shift of the season upon us, I feel the wind! It's pretty blowy out there! When I tune into Nature around me in this way, and get present with her, there's invariably a message.... And today, there was a picture and with it, a poem that wanted to emerge. Luckily I had a little time to let it come through.... Holding on to what's known as if by a thread As the air rushes and rushes We bend, the