Empowering Practice

How does our practice empower us? Human beings are truly magnificent creations. When we make a decision to master something new – if we practice that new skill correctly and with enough frequency, our brains develop stronger and faster neural connections. This means that over time, mastery is achieved and practice really can make “perfect”. (For a nice, easy neurobiology lesson on how it works on a cellular level, you can read more here.) This week, our wellspring process

Discover Your Wellspring

Our term 4 program begins this week for our women’s wellbeing circle and our new theme is Discover your WellSPRING! It’s the absolute perfect theme for the season which will carry us through to the end of year festivities with joyful grace and inner peace. Here is some more information about the term’s program for women to whet your appetite. The MYSHA WellSPRING Process is a creative and inspirational sequence/map to guide you in discovering, nurturing and developing your

Find Your WELL (this) Spring!

Oh I am sighing today! With great relief. Something has shifted and the season of Spring is finally really upon us! My little fam bam had a bit of a false start to this beautiful season of new life with a long couple of weeks of flu. This coincided with the full moon in Pisces which has been inwardly reflective and emotionally rich, to say the least. Good news is that we have now moved through it and we seem to be crossing a bridge over the deep waters, so to speak. I wond