Get in tune with the moon and the natural rhythms and cycles...

MYSHA MUSIC runs regular seasonal events to coincide with the lunar cycle and the natural rhythms and cycles of mother nature.  

Join us for Full Moon Celebrations, Winter Solstice, equinoxes and celebrations such as our MYSHA Mantra & Spiritsong evenings, Mother's Day Circle, Mother-Daughter- Sistas Circles and more!

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At all of our seasonal events, we sing and we chant.
Singing is a wonderful way to unearth the creative spirit within and to gain greater confidence, clarity and a sense of purpose.
Expressing yourself through song is also an effective stress reliever and can enhance your  ability to communicate with authenticity and a healthy self esteem.


Singing in circle is especially uplifting for body, mind, heart and soul.


Singing strengthens the immune system, improves listening, deepens breathing, clears the lungs,  helps us to sleep better, clears the mind, releases natural endorphins and promotes feelings of joy and happiness - a natural antidepressant.

It may come as a surprise to hear that to be "tone-deaf" is actually quite rare.  Even if you aren't a confident singer, and you're not yet ready to sing out at the top of your voice, you can still participate in a singing circle and gain many of the benefits.

At MYSHA we step you through the various parts of each song and help you to pronounce any unfamiliar words.  We firmly believe that awareness and understanding of what you are singing and chanting improves the experience greatly.


Singing in circle with others increases our sense of connection and a healthy sense of contribution and belonging.

In fact, when we sing together, we not only uplift ourselves and our own energy, we also uplift the harmony and energy of the entire globe.

The MYSHA Singing and Chanting circles are held seasonally and are designed with the natural rhythms of our environment in mind.  These events are Full moon, new moon, Summer and Winter Solstices, Equinoxes, celebrations of Mother-Daughter-Sista connections, along with other cultural festivals and sacred ceremony.  We often perform simple creative rituals at these events such as writing down something we feel no longer serves us - an old habit or something we wish to be free of - and placing our note into the fire in a reverent and sacred ceremony.  These are non-religious celebrations and all are welcome.  The intention is to regularly offer opportunities for community participation and wellbeing for all.

And sometimes at MYSHA, we sing just for the pure heaven of it!

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Kanako H.

It was amazing!

Thank you for holding the space.

Jacqui G.

What a purely magical night, spent listening to the sounds of angels singing, playing from their souls.  Empowered and supportive feminine energy.  United for a soulful, relaxing nd smile producing night!

Sarah L.

It was wonderful...and still totally blissed out!