Join us and experience the magic!
MYSHA WOMEN Wellbeing Circle
Creative Wellbeing Group 
This is an inspiring and nurturing session for women of all ages, held on 
Friday mornings
From 9.30am  (2hrs approx)
during school terms. 


In true MYSHA style, these wellbeing circle sessions are a balanced combination of creative expression, gentle exercise, meditation, sound therapy, reflection, personal growth and self healing.  Each morning is slightly different but follows a safe and predictable structure, designed to help you achieve peace and wellbeing on all levels - body, mind, heart and soul.  Read more>>

Have you been searching for more?
More harmony in your life?
More connection?
A greater sense of belonging?
How would it feel to have some genuine self care
plus the support from like-mindeds who really care?
Perhaps you feel the need to improve your health and wellbeing?  To be more active?  To take better care of yourself?  Maybe you'd like to get more creative?  To express yourself with a little more courage?  Or simply to just connect on a more insightful or spiritual level, rather than just moving through the motions of a busy week of endless to do’s?


MYSHA for Women, is more than a women’s circle and so much more than an art & craft class.  MYSHA Women’s Wellbeing mornings offer you all the holistic benefits to body, mind heart and soul, through our unique multimodal, arts based experience.  In the company of some truly gorgeous women, this circle of support and sisterhood is  the perfect combination of giving and receiving.  

Taking this time to take care of YOU is a genuine act of self loving kindness, that will ripple out into your family life and those you care about most.


At MYSHA Women, we move our bodies, stretch, focus, practice mindful awareness, sing, draw, write, paint, play, soak up the healing powers of the arts ….and so much more.  Each session offers a flexible MYSHA practice structure - including gentle yoga, sacred flow dance, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, mindfulness exercises, sound healing, singing and chanting, multi arts-based personal inquiry and sacred time for sharing and reflection. 


You don’t need to consider yourself a creative artist by any means
to enjoy and benefit from this class. 
There is no expectation nor any pressure to share or participate in any way that you are not ready to.  The focus is on your wellbeing.


The session is designed for you to regularly tune into your inner voice, listen to what you need to hear, celebrate your wins and make a plan to adjust or manage those things in life which haven’t perhaps gone to plan. 


It’s a wonderful chance to spend some quality time with yourself in a safe and nurturing environment, within a small and supportive group, guided by an experienced and registered therapist, towards your glowing health and happiness. 

and rediscover your true Essence



Highland Park, 4211

Gold Coast, Australia

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