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Creative Connections

MYSHA for Kids is soon to recommence for 2017 on Friday, 10th February.

This term, we are focusing on our connections….

Connecting to ourselves,

Connecting to one another in community,

And connecting to nature.

Many of us as parents, have felt (especially during the school holidays), the heaviness of having our children attached to screens and devices. Or if not actually attached to them, they WANT to be. Never before has technology been so pervasive in our daily lives. We parents, who are attempting to live a more awakened life are feeling the weight of this on our shoulders. It feels to me as though no one is immune to what can only be now referred to as technology addiction.

Without going on and on about how deleterious this may or will be on our people, for all its problems and all its benefits (which we all enjoy), technology is leading us away from ourselves, away from each other and away from nature. Which is what has spurred me to develop a series of beautiful face to face, Naturally Inspired Sacred Play Circles for real children in the real world to enjoy, each and every Friday afternoon, after school.

During our hour and a half together, with a backdrop of native bushland, soft green grass and wide open skies, this beautiful group of children will experience the simple pleasures of singing, breathing, meditating, dancing, moving, creating, painting, drawing, reflecting, sharing, listening, expressing……and connecting. The multimodal nature of MYSHA offers the perfect opportunity for children to express themselves and connect to themselves and each other in meaningful ways.

After a full and busy week at school, this is the most beautiful way for your child to take some time to check in with themselves in the now moment and to ask, “What’s happening for me right now? Am I ok? What’s working? How do I want to be? What do I need to do differently to make that happen?” These kinds of questions support a child to mindfully connect to themselves and to become more self aware. It is through the deepening of self awareness that we awaken. When we are awake, we can live life more intentionally…. being who we want to be and achieving our goals.

All without a device.

Blessings & Peace,


If you would like to book your child in to our regular Friday afternoon group, please contact us via the contact tab in the menu with your enquiries. EARLY BIRD TERM PASSES ARE AVAILABLE until the 10th Feb, 2017!

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