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Is Your Spirit Healthy?

Dear Wise Women,

How are you?

There’s that question again. The all important question, in terms of our wellbeing, the life we’re living right now, in this moment.

The year is travelling at a fast rate of knots. Just listening to and watching our children, observing how they grow and develop, is a constant reminder to me of how time seems to run away on us all too quickly.

So I sense in its passing, an inner need to slow down. The reason for this is that living slower is not only better for us from a central nervous system and physical health point of view, but it also allows for deeper levels of gratitude to be felt and sensed as we travel.

Gratitude sets us up for winning on so many levels – emotionally and physically of course – we feel better when we are grateful for life’s blessings; mentally – gratitude keeps our thoughts focused in optimism and proactivity; but also (and I believe most importantly),

s p i r i t u a l l y.

For without a healthy spirit, we spiral quickly from ‘flatness’, to disenchantment, to worry and or depression, to dis-ease.

A healthy spirit is what elevates our mood, keeps us focused and motivates us to thrive and flourish as the people we were born to be. A healthy spirit keeps us attuned to the life force, that hum and aliveness which excites us into action and being that feels right and good.

In the fast pace on the other hand, there is a thinness of being. This is because we lose connection to our inner spirit in place of our attachment to lists, timetables, appointments, deadlines, expectations and routines. In the pace there is pressure to get somewhere else, outside ourselves. In the pace, there is a journeying to, rather than the awakening of what already lies within ourselves.

Are you pacing through life?

If so, how are you in that pace? Are you managing, or would you benefit from slowing things down a little? Do you feel like you even can slow down, or is the pressure so great that you feel you must keep going? How do we work with pace so that we can achieve our goals, yet enjoy the process of life more fully as well?

At the MYSHA HeARTspace this week, we continue our practice of “dadirri” (deep listening and connection to our Earth mother) and in particular we are exploring pace.

In nature, we learn that pace is a necessary part of being. Yet nothing in nature can be hurried. Everything instead, unfurls in nature at the perfect pace. Sometimes fast and sometimes extremely slowly, yet all in perfect timing, toward ultimate flourishing.

It’s going to be a wonderful morning of deep connection and tending to our own needs and desires. In the usual MYSHA way, we will move our bodies, we will find stillness, we will represent, create and express and all the while we will attune to the natural healing wisdom that we all share.

I would love to see you there, tomorrow morning 9.30-11.30am.

If I don’t see you, I hope that you will find some time to slow down a little and to drink in the natural elixir of life’s healing resources that abundantly await you.

Blessings and peace,


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