• Melissa Joss


We instantly know them right?

They are the resilient ones. The ones that pop up out of nowhere. The untended, unwatered, unloved. Yet they keep coming. And coming.

I like to garden. I think one of my favourite things in the world is standing back from a hard day’s work in the garden, to feel the rush of beauty overtake me. When we spend time tending to something and channelling our loving energy into it, it’s so lovely to stand and admire the product of all our efforts.

What isn’t so rewarding, is seeing the weeds pop up amongst our beloved plantings. The thing that bugs me so much about them is their power! They seem to come out of nowhere, often from the most unforgiving of hardened cracks or crevices, sometimes even out of thin air! Yet they thrive! And they blossom and they seed and they proliferate.

Not being one for poisons, weeds are an ongoing feature in my garden. And with my ongoing dedication this year to mindfully practising dadirri – the art of deep listening, heeding the call to and from Mother Nature, my attention is turning towards the life force within these little (and not so little) pesky ones.

What I learn as I listen, is that the weeds are just as much a part of nature as all other living beings. The more I heed the inner knowing that we (all of nature) are ONE living force, the more I realise that the weeds are a part of me too. So just as my little meme/quote says this week, I am reminded that the weeds are part of us all.

So, in the spirit of greater self knowing and seeking to understand, I am devoting my practice this week, to the weeds in my life. The parts of my experience which are unwanted, unloved, untended. I turn my gaze towards them and I open my heart enough to be curious.

For it is in curiosity that there is an opening. An opening to new possibilities. Perhaps there, I can appreciate the beauty of the weeds.

Here are some questions you might like to give some thought to this week:

  • What are the weeds that keep coming in your lived experience?

  • What do they teach you?

  • Would you like to know them better?

  • Are you ready to benefit from higher levels of understanding and to heed nature’s messages for you?

Join us this Friday morning at the MYSHA HeARTSpace for a blissful morning of self discovery and creativity. Meditation and mindfulness, Gentle yoga, Sacred Flow Movement, Arts Therapy, EFT and more! 9.30 to 11.30am. Casual class just $20 for 2 hours. All materials provided.

Be creative, be well. Melissa

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