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Self Connection

Both our MYSHA Women’s Wellbeing and the MYSHA For Kids Naturally Inspired Sacred Play circles this week share the same creative drishti (focus).

I use this beautiful word drishti, (borrowed from the yogic tradition, which is usually referred to as the internal gaze point we utilise in our practice to become more centred, more balanced and more fully present), because it can be so perfectly applied to our creative, inner work at MYSHA.

MYSHA – or Meditation, Yoga, Self Healing Arts, as the name expands to, uses a multi-modal or multi-arts approach to achieve self connection in everything we do.


Because when we connect to ourselves, to our own inner experience – our thoughts, ideas, visions, memories, feelings, sensations, values and goals, we are met with greater levels of understanding of who we are and who we really would like to be.

It avails us the knowledge that we need in order to gain personal wellbeing and a fulfilling life. If we’re on the right track, self awareness will tell us so. If we need to make a few adjustments, self awareness will point us in the right direction and help us to get our hands back on the wheel, so to speak.

Without self connection, we are lost and aimless, we have no compass. Without self connection we actually don’t have a good sense of who we really are.

Most of us find self connection rather easy when something is going wrong in our bodies.

I’m currently typing this, after spending the morning with my holistic dentist and the lingering numbness in my mouth and face keeps bringing me back to my body. The tingling I am feeling sends a message to my mind and in response I can feel myself make a little movement in my lips for feedback, as I eagerly anticipate the wearing off of the anaesthetic. I keep reminding myself that everything is ok – it will just take a little more time. It’s the same if we have pain somewhere in the body. This is our body’s natural healing pathway – to draw our attention, to prompt us to self-connect and take the necessary cause of action toward physical wellbeing.

Self connection is also an important part of wellbeing in terms of achieving personal happiness and fulfilment. When we are self aware, it’s much easier to overcome the obstacles that we may encounter with an open heart. We are at the ready for the hurdles because we are more familiar with our own vulnerabilities and strengths. We know where we need to apply a little more effort and persistence, we know when we’ve hit our limit and when we need to ask for some help.

As with all things, we are always changing and growing and adjusting our course. Self connection therefore needs to be a regular practice. So this week as we continue our journey with dadirri – the practice of deep listening and connection to mother nature, we intentionally search for our own reflection.

Nature teaches us that all living beings grow and change together. We are all one and the same creation of life, powered by the same natural forces of light, air, earth and water.

So in our practice this week, we celebrate these elements within ourselves along with our connection and oneness to nature and the entire universe. The beautiful message for ourselves and for our children here is that if we each contain the same energy and vital life force as these majestic power forces of nature, how can we find anything but self love and respect when we connect to ourselves!

The living spirit of all life is within me and I am a miracle.

If you would like to join the women’s wellbeing circle (this FRIDAY 9.30-11.30am) for some meaningful self connection or if you would like to book your child in for MYSHA for Kids (Friday afternoons 3.45-5.15pm during school term time), please send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!

Peace and blessings,


In the meantime, I will leave you with the words to my latest song, inspired by the Navajo people and their connection to the land…

Prayer of Love & Gratitude

By Melissa Joss Copyright, March, 2017

I am the air I am the sweeping sky I am the wind Oxygenator of life

I am the earth I am the stony ground I am the mountain Forests and hills that surround

Ayoo aniinishni (I love you) Ayoo aniinishni Ayoo aniinishni Ayoo aniinishni

I am the mighty current I am the open sea I am the winding river Flowing forever free

I am the violet fire I am the golden flame I am the sun Illuminating the way

Ah-hey-yeh (thank you) Ah-hey-yeh Ah-hey-yeh Ayoo anniinishni (I love you)

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