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Fill Your Cup

Hello again!

How was your easter break?

One of the highlights for me over the holidays, was our MYSHA celebration of the Libra full moon on April 11th with a beautiful evening of singing and chanting and our ritual fire ceremony for letting go of all that no longer serves.

A huge and heartfelt thank you (!) to all those who made the evening possible – my fellow musicians Hedi, Rachel and all the beautiful singers who joined us! And of course the wonderful and inspiring Sally ‘Shekinah’ who wove her crystalline goodness into the ritual and chanting. Just bliss xx.

We often talk metaphorically about filling our cup and for me, these evenings where I get to share my original spirit songs with a divine group of conscious and energy-aware beings is always the perfect way!

Music, especially singing my spiritsongs and chanting ancient mantras is just one way that we can fill our cup. This term at MYSHA Mornings for Women, we will be filling our cup in all of the usual MYSHA ways, integrating the arts, both contemporary and ancient into our regular practice.

In addition to filling our cups with the healing arts, we will quite literally, be exploring our own mindful and creative version of a Japanese tea ceremony.

This wonderful art form and spiritual practice has many health benefits and I can’t wait to share them with you, especially as the weather gets cooler and we can really enjoy a lovely warm cuppa.

We are very excited about the coming term at the MYSHA heARTspace, which kicks off next Friday, 28th April with our first MYSHA Morning for WOMEN at 9.30 til 11.30am and MYSHA for Kids Naturally Inspired Sacred Play Circle from 3.45 til 5.15pm.

Please contact us for bookings.

Peace & blessings,

Melissa xx

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