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The Energy of YES!

In the spirit of getting REAL, or “raw” as many in my circle of inspirational women are doing lately, I thought I might share my own personal process for coming to this week’s theme for our MYSHA Women’s gathering.

In the past week or two, I have been sent several challenges. Challenging because they triggered some pretty huge emotional flooding that I have had to manage in creative and mindful ways.

First, I had a bit of a dodgy looking and incredibly itchy (ah SO damn itchy!!!) spot on my arm which turned out to be nothing, but had me falling into some old patterns of anxiety around my health. This coincided with confirmation of an ongoing gut health issue I’ve been living with for a couple of years now. Then my beautiful Mum had a trip to hospital (which never! happens by the way) and this gave me a big reality check.

Add to all this the stress of everyday life, getting to school and appointments on time, meeting work deadlines and keeping on top of the running of our home (which is a full time job on its own!!) and it’s little wonder that I was shrinking back from life in a recoiled and constricted state. As life was sending me poo, in so many ways my being was saying “NO! I don’t want this!” Tight, frightened, annoyed, stressed and tight! Did I mention tight?!! Yeah, reeeeally tight.

Using the MYSHA reflective practice of self awareness I was watching all of this unfolding and witnessing myself getting tighter and tighter. I then realised why for the last week, I have had a really bad lower back. My lower chakras, which relate to our basic needs for safety and security and personal power and passion were simply not flowing. Fears and blockages around my own and my mum’s wellbeing plus the physical tightness I was experiencing from the emphatic “NO” response of my body, heart, mind and spirit, were all causing everything in my lower back to tense up and spasm. Spinal gridlock. Ouch!

Through self attunement and compassion, I have loved myself through this pain. I took myself off for (two!) treatments from my trusted osteopath and I listened to my body’s requests for hot baths, extra magnesium, beautiful music and cups of tea (with my favourite homemade paleo, chocolate, raspberry cake). I even got up in the middle of the night to find a tennis ball in the storage cupboard at the other end of the house to lie on after waking to an undeniable voice saying “get. a. t.e.n.n.i.s. b.a.l.l.” It worked wonders to rescue me from the knot that had wound itself in my sacrum.

Now I can’t recall exactly where I saw it, but somewhere in my consciousness in the hours that followed, I read the word “YES”, in large letters. At first I brushed right by it, but the universe has its way of making things clearer when we fail to take notice the first (few thousand) times, right?

The first “flash of yes” energy I want to call it now, was followed shortly after by a string of yes-es. By pure chance (?), I then stumbled upon this quote by the gorgeous singer-songwriter, Jason Mraz…

The power of yes: that’s what allows creativity to breathe and to come in. That’s what allows your ideas to become living, breathing, moving dreams in action. – Jason Mraz.

When I read this, it sparked a momentum within me that I can only attribute to the YES ENERGY moving through me. Things began resolving. Just as my lower back began to heal, sticky spots in my schedule began to free up and things started going my way. Sound crazy? I got five songs recorded this week in my little studio at home. Five! For anyone who knows me, this is pretty huge! It was like the YES energy came and made everything flow. It just did.

So I am diving into this pool of delicious Yes-ness! And I invite you to join me there! If you feel like you would like to align with the energy of YES, please join us this Friday morning from

9.30 til 11.30am at the MYSHA HeARTSpace.

I hope you can find the exquisite essence of YES energy too!

Love, peace and blessings,

Melissa xx

#yesenergy #selfawareness

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