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Be Here *Now* and Love It!

How was your weekend?

It was Mothers’ Day on Sunday which means Mfest weekend for us here on the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Mfest, which takes place on Springbrook Mountain each May, is a celebration of motherhood and creativity and all things divinely ♡ feminine. We celebrate birthing, aging gracefully, gaining wisdom and all of our creative talents, however they might manifest on this earth plain.

As I do most years, I facilitated a little workshop with my fellow musician friend Hedi Rose called Mantras and Mandalas, which was held in the gorgeous little circular bell tent. We held space with our sacred spirit songs while those who came to join us created a community mandala made of objects from nature. It was a lovely way to revel in the present moment, to be creative, and to be uplifted by the music from divine heart and soul.

Mother’s Day itself was the perfect follow up to Mfest for me. I spent the morning pottering and spending some time on my personal self care and then painted a picture with my six year old daughter.

While I was finishing up, she spent some time tinkering on the piano to make up her own little tune, which sounded so amazing to me, as her mum. As she played she was affirming herself in a really positive way, which made me smile.

“I’m really good at this!”….”Ooh that sounded good didn’t it Mumma!” It was a beautiful moment. One that I wished I could’ve captured in a bottle for later!

In the afternoon, the whole family went to see the movie, A Dog’s Purpose and we all had a bit of a cry (that’s putting it mildly). It made me realise how when you lose a long loved pet as we did year, it really is like losing part of your family. The movie presented us with the opportunity to release some (more) feelings around the loss of our old friend and it really highlighted the fact that in the short time they are with us, our animal friends are so incredibly loving and devoted.

The take home message of the film is such a favourite one of mine…”be here now”. I LOVE this reminder because it makes all the life stuff that seems so unmanageably big and and bothersome fade away from view. When we focus our attention on making the most of the very now moment and being in it more fully, there’s no room for anxiety or stress about the future or the past. This was such a timely and pertinent message for me for Mothers’ Day and one I wanted to share with you.

So this week and in particular this Friday morning, from 9.30 to 11.30ish, at the MYSHA heaARTSpace, we will be diving into the present moment to savour its creative potential for yumminess, and loving it.

Would you like to join me?

I have plans to begin a very colourful painting project with acrylics on canvas (inspired by my painting sesh on the weekend). So if you think you would like to come, you’ll either need to bring along a small-medium canvas with you, or let me know and I can pick one up for you.

Please contact me if you’ll be coming. And even if you can’t, I would LOVE to hear from you.

Peaceful blessings,

Melissa xx

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