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Wintery Self Care

I’m not really a winter person. While I can totally appreciate a white Christmas and a gorgeous fireplace on a cool night, warm snuggles with my kids, hot drinks, slow cooked meals, pretty scarves and comfy boots, I do prefer the carefree singlet-clad weather that fits our relaxed, super warm Gold Coast lifestyle. It’s just my preference.

Yet I love the opportunity our short winter presents to me. To walk the spiral towards the centre, so to speak. The seasonal shift to a more inward facing approach to life, opportunity to reflect and take a slower pace. Specifically, I love the way that winter calls me to nurture myself and my loved ones more thoughtfully. There’s something really nourishing in ensuring you’re dressed for the elements by putting on the extra under layers and socks. Something comforting and soul nourishing in pulling up the blankets and taking some extra vitamin c.

Actually every year around this time, I like to map out some creative and joyful ways to look after myself throughout the winter months.

I take some time to reflect on what feels good and decide upon a way to represent my list of options in a creative and aesthetically pleasing way. Why make it beautiful? Because if it’s pretty to look at, it attracts my attention… and if it draws me in, it gains my repeated focus. With repeated focus and attention, we know our brains can potentially make lasting changes, for better or worse. So rather than focus on the bitterness of the cold, or long for all the summery goodness I can’t have just now, I choose to embrace this opportunity to practice some extra self love and care and make the absolute most of the season upon us.

Last year, our women’s group drew up some beautiful mandalas for this exercise. Inside them, we wrote down our favourite self care options. I used mine to inspire me to stay on track and keep my spirits up, despite the struggles…. all the extra washing, drying and folding, longer hours in the kitchen, coughs, colds and viruses, cancelled plans to be with sick kids and all the extra energy of keeping the family’s immune systems in check. My winter self care mandala prompted me to sleep in when I could, take warm baths, sing, stargaze, walk in the rainforest, and more…. Take a look.

This year, I have decided to do something a little different and felt myself a new candle mat. Each time I sit to meditate, I like to light a candle because there’s something powerful about this little ritual. The bringing forth of light into the room and into the moment is richly symbolic and helpful to my spiritual process and practice. It’s also a beautiful reminder of the warmth of the inner flame of connection that we make to the divine when we practice. For me this is authentic self care and the perfect wintery creative activity to share with you and with my women’s wellbeing group this week.

Would you like to learn how to make your own wet felted winter candle mat?

Click through on the contact tab in the menu bar to send me your booking request and I will have everything ready for you!

When? This Friday morning 9.30-11.30ish

Where? The MYSHA heARTSpace, Highland Park, Gold Coast.

Come join us!

Much love and wintery full moon blessings!

Melissa xx

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