• Melissa Joss

What are your grassroots essentials?

Setting ourselves up for wellbeing is key to achieving it.

This requires a little bit of planning and a whole lot of being sure to put ourselves first. It’s a two-fold recipe to success. As women, especially if we have a family, we can often be really great at planning, nailing the first part of this recipe but the second? Well, this can be near impossible. We aren’t always so great at putting ourselves first, are we!?

We’ve all heard the flight attendant message to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before assisting others, but how well do we care for ourselves so that we are physically able to take great care of our loved ones from day to day?

This week at MYSHA for Women we are diving into the topic of self care at a really grassroots level. We will gain some clarity, think holistically, make a few lists, set a few goals and get really creative about how we can support each other to get our most basic needs met… along with some full out soul decadence too! It wouldn’t be MYSHA without the latter!

So please join us for a blissful morning of self care, and partake of some beautifully gentle yoga, sacred flow (free dance), meditation, singing and chanting, mindful breathing and creative arts to set your course for optimum health and wellness.

When: Friday, 21st July, 9.30am to 11.30ish

Where: The MYSHA HeARTSpace, Highland Park.

To book or make your enquiry, please click on the contact tab in the menu.

Peace and blessings,

Melissa ♡

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