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Align Yourself To Wellbeing

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Dear Fellow travellers,

What do you align yourself with/to?

Does what you align with/to bring you wellbeing?… or take you further away from it?

This week at MYSHA Wellbeing mornings, we are exploring the practice of alignment to our very best and most healthy, vibrant selves.

We know from the traditions of ancient medicine that all dis-ease originates in a stagnancy in the flow of energy in the body. In order to achieve health and vitality then, we need to align ourselves to those things which help us to stay in flow.

Another way to think about this is to ask ourselves “What gets us energised? What makes us tick? What uplifts us? And even more simply, what makes us feel good?!

To answer these questions, we need to think about our hopes and desires, our passions and dreams. The inner spirit is a true guide and compass to this end.

At MYSHA, we loosen the ties to our distractions of everyday and avail ourselves of the time and space to attune to ourselves in mindful and intentional ways. Here we can access our inner most soul self and we believe that this part of ourselves is divine.

Without too much thinking about it, the multimodal arts of MYSHA can bring us into alignment with what our soul self knows is right for us. This is key to achieving wellbeing and living the life we really want to live!

We will move our bodies, sing, chant, breathe, practice deep inner listening, dabble in the art of sacred geometry and share in the gorgeous and supportive company of like-minded women.

We would love you to join us for this beautiful morning of alignment.

To book or make your enquiry, please send me a message via the contact tab in the menu.

Blessings & Peace,

Melissa ♡

MYSHA for Women WELLBEING MORNINGS Fridays, 9.30am-11.30ish Highland Park

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