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Motivation & Flow

As a multimodal arts therapist, I use many art forms in my practice: visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, felting, etc.), movement and dance, creative writing, music and voice. Last week I immersed myself in a 5 day intensive as part of my new qualification in sound therapy. It was all I had hoped it would be…and some. I can’t wait to share this new modality of sound with you at MYSHA.

A large focus of this work is identifying and reflecting upon where we experience resistance to the flow in our lives and using sound to soften this resistance. There is a growing body of evidence to support this modality for therapy and the benefits are wholistic: body (physical), mind (mental), heart (emotional) and soul (spiritual). Needless to say, I resonate strongly with this work as it dovetails so beautifully with what we have been doing at MYSHA for the past decade or so and my passion and purpose in music.

I’m so glad I acted upon my impulse to pursue this new and exciting development for MYSHA.

I share this with you here not only because I wanted to let everyone know about this amazing, new offering, but also because it highlights so perfectly, the way we can all find the motivation to act on our passions, hopes and dreams, when we are in alignment with them.

I recently watched an interview with Mel Robbins, who says rather bluntly, that “motivation is garbage”. Her reason is that we are “never actually going to feel like it”. We never feel like doing those things that we know we need to do to move ahead, to take the first step towards living the life we really want to be living. Robbins says we actually have to force ourselves to do that, because we are wired to put the emergency brake on whenever there is a change to what is your normal routine. Our brain-body connection senses the threat to the status quo and wants to protect us. In other words, unless we intentionally get outside our comfort zone, we will be paralysed by our own self protection and in a word, STUCK. Here’s the link if you’d like to watch her TEDx talk.

If I had listened to all the fear responses I had when I first started thinking about doing the sound therapy course last year, I may never have done it. So what was it that allowed me to get there? While Robbin heartily exclaims, motivation might be garbage, I think that when we have alignment to something we genuinely resonate with, the joyous potential that we sense around it, pulls us like a magnet. When we experience something that resonates with our soul, even though there may be hesitation or fear, we actually can’t resist it, no matter how hard we might try because of one awesome word: FLOW.

Check out this video of Jim Carey who couldn’t resist the flow in following his passion for painting!

To tap into your own personal flow and to explore the techniques of the MYSHA Creative Key of Self Motivation, please come along and join us this Friday morning for our Women’s Wellbeing circle:

9.30 to 11.30am.

For bookings and enquiries please use the contact tab. I’d love to see you there!

Melissa ♡

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