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The 'Express' Path to Wellbeing

Self Expression.

Getting creative and expressing ourselves is a natural part of being human! You do not need to consider yourself an artist, musician, poet or craftsperson to be expressive. In fact we are all co-creators of this world! As children we are particularly great at expressing what’s inside and our expressive arts are often beautifully uninhibited; until such time as we are taught about end products as opposed to process driven expressiveness. Then instead of being expansive, our expression becomes restricted. Our flow is obstructed.

I wonder if you resonate with this?

Do you live with a sense or a belief that you are “no good at art” or “not creative”?

Do you hear yourself saying things like “Oh, not me… I can’t sing!”

If so, you’re not alone!

If I had a dollar for every time I hear someone say “No I can’t draw!”… Yet in my past as an early childhood teacher, I have so firmly planted in my memory the pure and unfettered spirit of children as expressive, born creators. Expressive by nature.

One of my greatest passions as a creative arts therapist is to help people rebuild self concept and self belief as a creative being. There are limitless ways in which we can express ourselves creatively. Gardening, cooking, photography, sewing, belly-dancing, sculpture, crafting, scrapbooking, pottery, journaling, decorating, renovating, refurbishing, writing, blogging are just a few examples.

From a therapeutic perspective, the arts in all their various forms, provide a safe container into which we can place whatever it is we want to represent, understand better, or simply release. Working with an arts therapist and joining a creative wellbeing group such as our MYSHA for Women circles are both highly effective ways to use self expression and creativity for getting the flow back and realising your wellbeing goals.

So why not join us this week for some self expression time. It’s not every day that we get the opportunity to enter a space that is perfectly designed for you to feel safe and nurtured and have a variety of arts modes at your fingertips to let yourself loose.

Whether through music, sound, painting, drawing, movement/dance, verbal communication and sharing or written form, there will be something for everyone!

This Friday 9.30-11.30am at the MYSHA HeARTSpace.

For bookings and enquiries please contact us.

Blessings and peace,

Melissa ♡

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