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What Happens in a MYSHA Wellbeing Circle?

I was recently asked to talk about what I do and whenever this happens, I feel my energy lift and a joyfulness rise up from inside my heart. My smile widens, and my eyes light up! I can literally feel myself UPLIFT. This is the inner wellspring doing its thing. I beam when I think about my work, especially my circles.

For those that come to my circles regularly, I know I don’t need to explain the feeling we have of being embraced and nurtured by one another. It really is truth, beauty and goodness on a loop, energetically speaking. And this powerful circle of energy emanates and ripples outward into the world.

You can *feel* it.

It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of and it’s even better when it becomes a regular part of our weekly routine!

To those people who haven’t joined a circle before and who are still sitting on the fence, this is a fantastic time to ‘get your brave on’ and join in the love! Even if the very thought of groups terrifies you, a wellbeing circle, professionally facilitated by a trained and experienced therapist, places us in authentic connection to other people who really are just like us. Pretty soon in circle, we all start to feel the magic of being in the company of like-mindeds.

*Something happens* in these groups where everyone is attuned to the energy in the circle. We resonate. Connections are made, similarities are celebrated and even the dissonances that are sometimes experienced, we soon realise, are rich blessings.

At MYSHA, our wellbeing circles are multimodal. This means our very natural, multi-sensory way of being in the world as a human being is not only invited, but honoured! Our circles are so much more than a group talk.

We listen, we drop into the moment to really feel, we breathe. We move our bodies, just as we feel inclined to move. We dance, we flow, we sing, we make beautiful music! We visualise, we imagine, we dream, we focus, we express, we represent. We share, we reflect, we remember. We take time out to honour the fullness of our humanity and our spirit. What we discover here is gold!

All of this has a positive impact on our holistic wellbeing. Our minds and our brains get the connection and safety it craves to integrate, to regulate, to learn and to grow. Our bodies benefit from the energetic shifts that healthy, expressive movement creates. Our nervous systems get a proper rest as we are guided to move through our resistance and deeply relax. We learn some excellent strategies for coping with stress on all levels of being and how to manage when life throws us a curve ball. Socially we become better connected in very meaningful ways. Truly, the benefits of being involved in a wellbeing circle are too many to mention.

You are so welcome to be a treasured part of our next circle!

Thursday afternoons: MYSHA for Girls 3.45-5.15pm

Friday mornings: MYSHA Women’s Wellbeing Circle from 9.30am

Friday afternoons: MYSHA for Kids 3.45- 5.15pm (from 4yrs of age)

Please join us by contacting me here.

You can also join our Facebook pages to keep up to date with all of our MYSHA events. Mysha Therapy: https://www.facebook.com/MYSHATherapy/ MYSHA for Kids: https://www.facebook.com/myshaforkids/ Melissa Joss MYSHA Music: https://www.facebook.com/myshamusic/

I really hope to see you in circle soon.

Feel the love,

Melissa ♡

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