• Melissa Joss

Out of the darkness

When a seed has lain in the embrace of fertile, rich soil for long enough, moist with life-giving rain and warmed by the rays of the sun, the wellspring within that little seed simply cannot hold back any longer. The seed must eventually give way to flow and to growth.

Watch this short time lapse video by Neil Bromhall

It’s a beautiful metaphor for us as we progress on our spiritual path of personal growth, isn’t it!

Once we have planted the seeds of our desires, dreams and goals and nurture them lovingly, meeting their needs and ensuring just the right conditions, we are ready to emerge, thirsting for the next stage.

As tempting as it is to rush onward and upward, this week however, we aren’t going to surge on ahead into the new light of being too quickly. For to do so, would be to rocket past some of the most beautiful insights to be had along the way and also some of the most meaningful (and tricky) in terms of growth.

Instead, let’s take some time to be mindfully present. To sit with the experience of becoming and of transformation and what that means for us.

In the darkness, the tiny seed has to trust. Before any real glimpse of light can be had, the seed must break itself open. Whenever something is broken, there is an ending. Just as the seed leaves behind its once fully contained form, when we embark on substantial new growth, we too leave something behind.

Sometimes bursting open with new life and new possibilities can be experienced with great expansion of the heart and excitement for what’s to come, but other times the loss of how things used to be can feel like our heart is literally breaking.

I wonder how it is for you?

I really encourage you to take some time to notice where in your life right now you are being called to surge forward, to grow and to make changes – big or small.

When we cultivate awareness about “what it’s like for me” throughout these transitions, we can gain important information about ourselves. And when we come to know ourselves better in this crazy life, the things that happen tend to become less of a shock and we can even surprise ourselves by the grace with which we can manage.

Will you step into the light of awareness with me?

Join our Women’s Wellbeing circle this Friday morning from 9.30am.

Rich blessings,

Melissa ♡

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