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Empowering Practice

How does our practice empower us?

Human beings are truly magnificent creations. When we make a decision to master something new – if we practice that new skill correctly and with enough frequency, our brains develop stronger and faster neural connections. This means that over time, mastery is achieved and practice really can make “perfect”. (For a nice, easy neurobiology lesson on how it works on a cellular level, you can read more here.)

This week, our wellspring process takes us further along the journey of the growing seed to the tiny sprout’s first production of leaves. Here, the life (and wellspring) of the plant bursts forth a ladder-like formation of leaves in a repeating pattern up the stem – which strengthens as it develops. Soon enough, the tiny leaves develop into larger leaves and onward and upwards the plant climbs, no more just a tiny seed in the ground!

It’s such a great metaphor for how repetitive, organised practice helps us to develop and become our bigger, better selves. If the goal we set ourselves can be likened to the plant flowering and blossoming into its full beauty and magnificence, then this stage of growth is critical. Only once the plant has matured through steady growth of leaves and stem can it begin to blossom.

So this week is all about rolling up our sleeves, doing the work, putting the time in and persevering with our practice knowing that we are on our way to achieving our ultimate goals.

Each leaf, large or small, is a step towards the flower at the top. So in what way, can we use this metaphor in our lives? What is it that you need to practice to reach your goal?

Besides practising for the big targets we set ourselves through life, like studying for a qualification, giving a speech, learning a musical instrument, training for a sporting event, or going for that big job, here are some less obvious but perhaps just as meaningful ideas to practice up which help us to become our bigger, better soul selves….

  • learning to smile and say thank you each time someone pays us a compliment

  • learning how to say ‘no’ when someone oversteps a personal boundary

  • mindfully setting the intention to ‘drink in’ a ‘big moment’ as it is happening

  • taking five minutes every night to reflect upon our day and to be grateful

  • stopping to look in the mirror and tell ourselves “I love you”

  • listening to our body whenever it hurts or is hungry or tired and responding with self loving kindness

  • choosing our battles wisely

  • taking the time out and going for that beach walk or swim

  • journalling about our significant moments

  • sharing our hopes and dreams, struggles and disappointments with a good listener

  • meditating and connecting to the divine every day

  • learning something new each day/week/month/year

  • uncovering and following a new passion

….the list is endless.

The message is the same…..

In order to flourish and to blossom, we need to practice!

Add to that a little perseverance and patience and we are well on our way.

If you would like some creative support to EMPOWER yourself with practice, please join us this week at the MYSHA heARTSpace!

With love and blessings,

Melissa ♡

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