• Melissa Joss

What comes next?

The little bud featured in this week’s image (from my back garden) has literally, just this week timed its appearance perfectly for this next stage of growth in our WellSPRING process. I so love seeing the messages of this inner work reflected back to me in my natural surroundings.

So now, the bud emerges, pregnant with our highest loving potential.

This is potentially a very exciting time! We take our first true glimpse of the ‘fruits’ of our practice. It can also mean it’s time to get our ‘brave’ on. To find our courage. To look deep inside the heart and lovingly affirm ourselves, to open up and reveal our true colours.

I wonder what aspect in your life, comes to mind when you think of the symbol/metaphor of the brand new bud?

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves at this point in the WELLSPRING PROCESS:

When you tune into your heart, what is the flower waiting to emerge?

What does a bud need to keep progressing? Warmth, nutrients, light, water?

What does it mean to you, to open your heart to fuller expression of the real and very beautiful You?

What are you needing, thinking, feeling, sensing, and/or intuiting right now?

If you would like to explore this further, you are very welcome to join our gorgeous group of MYSHA Women, this Friday from 9.30am. To book or make your enquiry, please contact me.

In the usual MYSHA way, we will take a multimodal journey through the ancient arts of meditation and yoga together with creative arts expression to see what treasures we might unfold and discover about our most authentic selves. This is where real and lasting change can happen. This is where women just like you and I, can realise the benefits of a self-aware, arts-based practice and togetherness with like-mindeds.

Many blessings,



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