• Melissa Joss

Opening up to clearly see

What would it mean to you to have…

  • clearer vision of your path ahead,

  • greater insight into life’s experiences and the meaning of it all and

  • a voice within that you can trust to guide you in the right direction for your highest good?

These are the benefits of heightened intuition – or inner tuition; our central guidance system, inner compass and higher voice.

In times past, long before technology changed our lives, we relied upon our intuition on a daily basis, over and over. We would listen out for sounds in the environment, watch for light increasing or fading, tune into our primal, felt sense to make decisions, and weigh up the signals toward survival. We still do this to some extent, although our ability to use and more importantly, to trust in our intuition has largely been lost in modern day life.

At MYSHA this week, we will be exploring the gift of intuition. We have come far in our WellSPRING process, from the seed courageously emerging from the darkness out into the light, right up to the blossoming flower.

With our petals unfurled, now out in full bloom, we reveal our centre. When we centre ourselves deep in this place, we gain fuller, clearer vision and a new perspective of how we are in the world. Once we have this awareness, we can decide how/where we want to be and navigate our way forward. Our new seeds are already forming and this part of the MYSHA Wellspring Process prepares us for the path ahead.

If you would like to join us in our multimodal exploration of the gift of intuition, the third eye – Ajna chakra and how it can work for you, through the MYSHA practice, please be in touch.

We have groups for women, girls and for the children, as well as personal sessions.

May your way forward be clear,

Melissa ♡

MYSHA Wellbeing Circle for Women Friday from 9.30am

MYSHA for Girls Thursday 3.45-5.15pm

MYSHA for Kids Friday 3.45-5.15pm

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