• Melissa Joss

Altitude of Gratitude

How high can you fly?

When we are grateful, our spirit soars!… our heart expands….. and our mind is open.

When we are grateful the Wellspring flows unimpeded through our physical being and through our lives. The feeling of it rising is palpable.

Today I had my first ocean swim for the season. What a feeling! Talk about the altitude of gratitude! Amidst perfect weather, my favourite blend of sand and aquas, BIG skies and deep indigo blues, I was SO struck with gratitude I actually felt it rising up inside of me. The water was delicious. Actually at one point I caught myself tasting the salt on my lips, thinking mmm!!!

It. Was. So. Good.

All of the tension of the past few weeks; the tight shoulders, the rushing about, the grumbly hormonal headaches that have been ‘a thing’, have now left me. I feel freeand energised by a force so great and so beautiful and so amazing that I could burst(!) my heart is so swollen with love. Life on earth is such a blessing!

Last night I hosted the annual Find Your Voice Singing Soiree. This is an evening where I invite all of my singing students and their families along to my home for a special evening of song, swimming and sizzling great food. This year our little community of families has grown and we filled the entire back yard. It was such a gorgeous evening, filled with goodness on so many levels. I am so proud of all of my incredibly talented students! And so privileged to be apart of something so uplifting.

It really feels like, the more we can be grateful for all of the great things in our lives, large and small, the higher you may be able to go and the greater the altitude you may reach!

This week at MYSHA, we are CELEBRATING the year we have had together. We have reached the final week in our Wellspring Process and it’s time to reflect and review and explore the altitude of our gratitude!

If you would like to join me for this beautiful practice, please be in touch.

Thursday afternoon 3.45-5.15pm for MYSHA Girls

Friday morning 9.30am for MYSHA Women

Friday afternoon 3.45-5.15pm, MYSHA for Kids.

Please stay tuned for some singing and sound therapy events over the summer holidays, as well as a creative workshop in the new year!

Much love and gratitude,

Melissa ♡


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