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Discover Your Wellspring

Our term 4 program begins this week for our women’s wellbeing circle and our new theme is Discover your WellSPRING! It’s the absolute perfect theme for the season which will carry us through to the end of year festivities with joyful grace and inner peace.

Here is some more information about the term’s program for women to whet your appetite.

The MYSHA WellSPRING Process is a creative and inspirational sequence/map to guide you in discovering, nurturing and developing your personal wellspring. This process is for anyone who wishes to live mindfully towards a deeply fulfilling and wonderful life, where creative potential and wellbeing can be (re)awakened and realised.

What is a personal wellspring?

Your wellspring is the abundant and eternal creative energy, the spark alive within you. It is your own unique fountain of YOU in motion. It is the most pure and true version of who you are as a living soul being. It is your true nature and your divine essence in flow.

The words ‘living’ and ‘in flow’ are very important to acknowledge here because without movement and continual growth, our energy stagnates and we become stuck, frustrated and disillusioned, not to mention un-well. On the other hand, when we nurture the flow and the energy of our personal wellspring in the direction it needs to go, we (and all of those who surround us) benefit in many ways!

MYSHA uses a multimodal combination of the ancient and contemporary arts, including meditation, yoga, sound, singing & chanting, sacred flow-dance, visual arts (drawing, painting, collage, creative writing, sculpture, etc.), reflection and sharing.

The MYSHA WellSPRING Process takes you through eight steps. In the usual MYSHA way, we are guided gently through the process, to mindfully awaken and to gradually become more self aware. With this newfound awareness we can make the necessary shifts to realise our fullest creative potential.

Using the metaphor of the growth of a blossoming plant, the wellspring sequence takes us on a journey upwards through the chakras, our body’s main energy centres.

To find out more, you will have to join me! Friday mornings from 9.30am at the MYSHA HeARTSpace, starting this week!

Love and abundant spring blessings,

Melissa ♡

p.s. Our exciting term programs for children (Fridays 3.45-5.15pm) and for girls (Thursdays 3.45-5.15pm) commence next week. Please contact us for bookings asap!

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