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Find Your WELL (this) Spring!

Oh I am sighing today! With great relief.

Something has shifted and the season of Spring is finally really upon us!

My little fam bam had a bit of a false start to this beautiful season of new life with a long couple of weeks of flu. This coincided with the full moon in Pisces which has been inwardly reflective and emotionally rich, to say the least. Good news is that we have now moved through it and we seem to be crossing a bridge over the deep waters, so to speak. I wonder if you’ve had a similar experience? Well here’s some even better news…

Right around the corner (for those of us in the southern hemisphere) is Spring Equinox. For this single day (in 2017, it’s Sat 23rd Sept), the earth sits pretty much “level” in its orbit of the sun – no tilt. This means that the rays of the sun strike equally between north and south poles and we experience an even twelve hours of day and twelve of night. From this point on, each day lengthens, giving us more light hours and less dark. The ancients believed this was a truly, sacred blessing, necessary for survival!

To this day, spring equinox marks the ushering in of the great life force for revival and new growth after the winter. Although our winter in Australia isn’t particularly dark and gloomy, it is often incredibly dry. Our deserts are pretty deathly during winter and actually, the indigenous aboriginal people perform ceremonies to usher in the great falls which bring the majestic transformation of the land into Spring and into life.

When we turn our attention in such a way, to the natural forces we live and participate in as human beings on this planet, it becomes clear that it’s no coincidence that Spring time brings us a wonderful sense of the bursting forth of life, not just environmentally. We can harness these energetic forces and work with them, with loving intention, to dissolve the shadows and the resistance in our personal lives and find new flow.

What this all means, is that Spring is a season of potential and of personal and creative growth. We each have within us all we need to take the necessary steps, to make the changes (big or small) and to blossom! This is our inner WELLSPRING…. the divine spark of hope which brings promise to every single person who seeks to bring it forth.

If you feel called to tap into your own inner wellspring of creative potential for growth, I would love to invite you to join our beautiful groups this coming term. To commence, I am facilitating an introductory special 3 hour MYSHA Morning for women and their daughters, sisters/sistas, and/or mothers to come together next FRIDAY, 22nd September.

This is just one day prior to the equinox and a very auspicious time to be focusing on ourselves with self loving kindness. It’s also the perfect opportunity to share this beautiful MYSHA practice with the women/girls you love so much! Bookings are essential, so please be in touch asap to secure your place/s.

To follow the introductory session, our term 4 program “Discover your WELLSPRING” will begin on Friday mornings for Women on 6th October, 9.30 – 11.30am. Updates to come shortly and once again, to secure your place and take advantage of our term pass discounts, please be in touch.


Due to popular demand, I am now offering MYSHA for GIRLS on Thursday afternoons throughout term 4. While mums attend on Friday mornings, their daughters will now be able to enjoy their weekly dose of MYSHA goodness too! We will commence on Thursday, October 12th at 3.45pm to 5.15pm. There is quite a lot of interest for this group, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Sending out seeds of love to each and every one of you this SPRING!

May the rains bring flow and new growth to you and your loves,

Melissa ♡🌸

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