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January, I love you!

January is such a great month here on the sunny Gold Coast.

The big blue skies and hot weather we have in abundance are experiences some can only dream of at this time of year.

Yes I know, we all complain about the heat and particularly the humidity, but here, we're perfectly set up for swimming, beaching, long afternoons, outdoor dining and balmy twilight adventures.

I find deep peace in these natural spaces and in this season of joy and sun.

This is my spot this afternoon. Ah, the bliss.

But by far the best part about January for me (also my birthday month), is the opportunity to tune into my personal wellbeing and think about my personal vision for the year ahead.

Every year for the past twenty or more years, I have begun a new journal in January. I also create a vision board containing some images of some of the things I want to achieve in the year ahead.

This year has started a little differently. Greeting the year on a full moon (2nd Jan) and waning cycle has meant that my reflections have been more about what I wanted to release, than what I wanted to call in.

On the 17th January, a few days ago, the new moon arrived and we are now in the energy of the waxing (growing) lunar cycle. So now is the perfect time to think about the year ahead and what will make it the best one of your life!

So I invite you to think through these questions with me this gorgeously beautiful afternoon.

Just before we do, I am going to tune into my centre.

To do this, I find a comfortable starting position. Whether you're on the floor, in a chair or even lying down, allow your eyes to gently close and check in with your body. ​​ Notice what parts of your body are in contact with the floor.

Spend some time sensing and anchoring yourself to the earth beneath you.

The best way to do this is with your breathing. As you exhale, allow gravity to take its full effect, dropping the shoulders away from the ears and allowing your arms and hands to relax in your lap. As you inhale, use your awareness of the ground beneath you and draw up nourishment from the earth. Inhale stability, groundedness, assurance, safety and solidity. Once again exhale deeply, allowing all the tension to leave your body. Keep breathing mindfully, at your own pace, feeling the breath enter and leave your body. Listen to the sound it makes, notice the sensations of the air coming in and going out.

Now that we are in a more fully present state of being, tune into your centre. If you don't really know what this means, you can focus on your heartspace, or your belly, or even your mind's eye. You might like to bring your hands to prayer position in front of your chest to help keep your focus. Keep breathing into your centre and allow the awareness to expand. Take as long as you need here.

Now take a pen and some paper - or your journal and ask yourself these three questions:

1. What can I do today and every day this year to be more kind to myself?

2. How can I serve others in a way that makes the best use of my current knowledge/skills/talents/experience AND that makes me feel genuinely happy?

3. What is one thing/habit/thought/belief that I can safely let go of forever that would make a big difference to the quality of my life?

Follow this by writing down three things you can do to act upon your answers. When we take affirmative action in this way, the energy of our intention and our choices amplifies more and more.

Put your answers up on your bedroom wall or your bathroom mirror to remind you each time you see them.

The next thought you think, the next conversation you have, the next thing you do or see... may be the catalyst for lasting positive change in your life!

It's early days. Make 2018 your best year yet!

Blessings upon your process,


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