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Mother Love

This Sunday, here in the land of Aus, we celebrate mothers’ day. On the surface of it, Mothers’ Day is a day to honour our Mums, wherever they may be; to show our Mums how much we love and appreciate them.

It’s also a day for those of us who are mothers to honour ourselves and this role of motherhood. To honour its wisdom, it’s rollercoaster ride of challenges and triumphs and to celebrate the joys of having a family to call our own.

It’s a day to celebrate mothers, to show respect for who we are as women and all that we do for our children and our human race.

I also want to acknowledge that this day may not be one of celebration for some people. Perhaps we don’t have a connection with our mother. Maybe we are grieving the loss of a mother. Maybe we’d love to be a mother but we have never had children. Maybe we didn’t want to, or maybe we did with all our heart and soul and it just didn’t happen. Maybe you are a mother who has lost her children, fighting for a way to understand and comprehend who to be without them. There are many, many reasons why it might be difficult to celebrate a day devoted to mothers.

Yet beneath and between all of the layers of experiencing that we each have gone through, if we are alive, we have experienced the selfless flow of love that creates life – we have all had a mother. We drew in sustenance within her womb, we grew inside her and we were born into this life…. from a woman. A woman who ached, who cried, who laughed, who smiled, who walked, who laboured, who felt….. you. And whether we have a relationship with this woman or not; whether the mother we know or knew didn’t birth us, but raised us as her own, we have all shared, a common experience because we are all of this greater miracle – Mother. We are all of the miracle of life and love which nurtured us into being.

No matter who we are today, we are all of Mother. And beyond the miracle of the woman who birthed us and/or raised us, we as a race are all of the Great Mother Earth, this planet we call home. She, who provides us with all of the resources we need to live our lives as we do; the air we breathe, the water we drink, the fire that warms us, the very ground we walk upon.

So I believe Mothers’ Day is the perfect day for us to honour our shared experience of being part of this life on earth. One planet, one Mother and a whole lot of love.

Regardless of the relationship you share with your own mother, I invite you this mothers’ day, to look within the layers of mother love. As we mindfully navigate our way through the many ways mother love gives itself to us, we find the opportunity to show ourselves some heartfelt motherly love too!

Join us this Friday morning at 9.30-11.30am for a beautiful gathering of women, as we creatively explore and celebrate the love in our hearts.

Blessings & peace,

Melissa xx

p.s. If you are free this Saturday, you might like to check out the Mfest – Celebration of Motherhood and all things “women”. I will be offering a creative wellbeing workshop entitled “Mantras & Mandalas” at 10.45am in the Bell Tent and then at 12 midday, I will be singing with the very beautiful Hedi Rose in the Big Rent Tent. I would love to see you there!

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