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Natural Self Healers

There’s a chill in the air isn’t there!

This time of year is a wonderful time to cuddle up and enjoy our children, to sit together with a warm drink, play a game, watch a movie, or go for a bush walk. It’s also that time of the year when we need to give ourselves a bit of extra love and attention, to boost our immune systems and keep ourselves healthy amidst the seasonal colds and viruses that can take hold if we don’t!

The great news is that we humans are amazingly clever at healing ourselves.

At MYSHA, we believe that we are all natural self-healers and that given the right information, guidance and opportunities to practice, we can access some truly awesome outcomes for health and wellbeing, in body, mind, heart and spirit!

So this term, we have put together a very special program for children to increase awareness and to build upon their innate skills as natural self healers!

We will be exploring a variety of holistic arts based modalities, including visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpting etc.), singing, dancing, yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques, along with making our own Australian Bush flower essences, affirmation cards and crystal grids.

I am also very excited to be taking on some further training this term in the area of sound therapy! So later in the term, I am excited to be able to offer the children access to sound baths with musical instruments such as crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, percussion and more.

This all makes for a wonderful term of healthy goodness and wellbeing for your young ones at MYSHA for Kids.

If you would like to book a place, please contact me via the tab in the top menu bar as soon as possible, as places will fill quickly.

The full term beginning Friday, 21st July at 3.45pm (til 5.15pm) will be 6 weeks in total (21/7, 28/7, 11/8, 18/8, 25/8 and 8/9) and the cost is $110. Casual attendance can be accommodated where there are places available at a cost of $20 per class.

Fees are all inclusive of materials.

Please share this opportunity with your like-minded friends and family who may be interested in high quality after school activities for their children.

Many thanks and healing blessings to you all this winter,


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