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Placing Your Order in the Cosmic Kitchen

While last week, we claimed our sacred ground and prepared the garden bed for our inner wellspring to manifest its truth, beauty and goodness, this week our MYSHA WellSPRING Process sharpens our focus on getting our needs met.

What seeds we plant (which aspect/s of our lives we choose to bring more flow to), are completely up to you. Once we fine tune what this is and we plant our seeds with loving intention, it’s time to think about how we’re going to set our wellspring garden up for success!

Years ago, I was introduced to author Patricia Crane’s concept of the cosmic kitchen. This is the idea that we needn’t curtail our goals, desires, prayers and intentions. When we place an order in the cosmic kitchen, so to speak, we need only be limited by our own beliefs about what is possible. Crane encourages that with affirmation and positive feelings and expectation, we open ourselves up to a limitless potential for fulfilment in life.

In a similar way, this week at MYSHA when we ask ourselves what it is we NEED to nourish our tiny seeds, we can be really clear and even ‘uncensored’ about what would best equip us to be able to channel more energy into creating the change/s we seek. Let me explain with an example.

If for instance, you would like to work on creating space for some spontaneous fun in your life, (perhaps because you’re feeling the constraints of an overly structured and rigid daily routine), then you will likely want to plant seeds for some fun, exciting and spontaneous adventures!

At this stage of our wellspring process, we have already prepared our garden. That is to say we have already built an awareness of and faith in our inner wellspring and the very real capacity (and sacred responsibility) we have, to ‘call in’ more of what we want in life. Metaphorically speaking, we have already been preparing our garden to grow this in our lives. So now we need to nurturethese seeds.

The million dollar question is “What do I need to allow this to happen?” What do these seeds need to grow, to lay down their roots, to sprout and to grow towards the light?!

If you would like some support to identify your needs and to take this journey of growth and wellbeing in your life, please join us this Friday morning!

MYSHA Women’s Wellbeing Circle from 9.30am at the MYSHA HeARTSpace, Gold Coast.

For bookings and all enquiries, please contact me here.

WellSPRING Blessings,

Melissa ♡

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