• Melissa Joss

Time to Reflect

Full Moon in Pisces is upon us! It’s a wonderful opportunity to take some time to sit by (or in) the water and reflect. Pisces, being a water sign and full moon, being a time for us to meditate upon our emotional life – it’s the perfect time to give some thought to how we’re travelling and where we’re headed next.

Whether you managed to escape illness this winter or not, it’s been a big few months for all of us. There’s a lot going on environmentally, politically and socially among us all on earth of late. When we stop to ask our individual selves how all this effects us, and to take the time and care to set a more mindful course for the future months, we’re not just serving ourselves, we’re participating in a more considered and more integrated approach for the whole race. On the other hand, surging ahead into Spring without heeding Winter’s teachings, would be a little blinkered.

One of the stand-outs of the past few months for me has been watching how compassion opens new doorways to wellbeing. Opening the heart to compassionate listening and allowing emotions to flow freely and with acknowledgement has been forefront. This hasn’t been anything new for me, but I have witnessed more people honouring their own and other people’s feelings this year than I think ever before. It’s a truly beautiful thing to see and great news for relationships right across the planet in my opinion.

Flow and ease take their rightful place in life as resistance and disallowing are softened. And sometimes, there are a few waves when what has been blocked for a while begins to shift through! With compassion, we allow these waves to ripple out. We make space and time for them. And when they’ve run their course, the invitation is to stay with what’s there with curiosity…. to reflect.

This is the energy of full moon too. It’s nurturing and creative and emotive, and it’s filled with possibilities, intuition, imagination and illumination. The moon may bring heightening of emotions, confusion or even a little drama. So by practising our ability to stay with it and reflect, we glean the knowings and we open new doors.

This week at MYSHA, we will be celebrating the full moon with a Singing and Chanting evening (Wednesday evening), which includes a letting go ceremony and at our Women’s wellbeing morning (Friday), we will be exploring the Creative Key to Wellbeing – Self Review. I can’t wait! For bookings and enquiries please contact us asap!

Peace and lunar blessings to you all,

Melissa ♡

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