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Unlocking the NATURAL Flow of Abundance

My dear friends

Inspiration is high this week as I continue my ‘dadirri‘ practice with earth wisdom and connection.

The deeper I go into this work, the more I am aware of an abundant and very organic flow of the living spirit that surrounds us all. But before I go into how we’re going to tap into it this coming week at MYSHA, I will briefly share the gems of last week’s Women’s Wellbeing morning.

We began with my new chant “Dadirri – Renew Me”. Here are the words so you can get the feel for it…

I stand with the mountain As strong as the earth can be. I glide through the river Flowing waters to the wide open sea. I breathe deep the air all around me And it brings me soft release. I’m the flame of the sun That warms everyone. Fire of a heart within a heart set free!

Dadirri, dadirri, dadirri, dadir(ri), renew me….

Copyright 2017 Melissa Joss

I do hope to have a recording of this very soon for your listening pleasure.

Our yoga flow sequence took us through some beautiful pranayama and asanas as we connected to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

Some primal and tribal drumming then assisted our instinctual connection to the earth as we “pulled up” the fire within the core of Mother Earth into our bodies and danced with this energy. We worked creatively with all of the elements to embody the goodness of nature, its healing properties, rhythms and qualities.

In typical MYSHA style we reflected upon our yoga, movement and meditation experience and created some visual representations through the visual arts.

It’s such a gift and a blessing to see “what comes” in each group; the significant moments experienced and expressed and then shared. Each woman’s uniquely divine journey through the process is respected and valued with the utmost care and support within the group. Such a feeling of safety is so important for everyone to gain the most benefits from the MYSHA offerings. For some, the simple gift of being heard and truly listened to is high on the list of these benefits.

If you like the sound of this lovingly aware group and uplifting practice for wellbeing and you would like to join us, THIS WEEK we are exploring the flow of natural abundance that surrounds us in nature.


Well, because when we tap into this stream of constant life energy, we start to comprehend the limitlessness of our own capacities for an amazing and blessed life. We don’t need to visit a rainforest or a beach or a great rocky precipice or sandy desert to find this energy. A tiny leaf, a single flower, a crystal or shell, even an image of Mother Nature will help us e-l-e-v-a-t-e to a higher vibration and this amazing planet we live on is abundant with opportunities.

If you’d like to LEARN MORE, please click on this link to contact me! I so love hearing back from my readers.

And if you’re KEEN TO BOOK please click here and I will let you know how we’re going for spaces available, address details and all the rest.

In the meantime, BREATHE DEEP and BE YOU!

Your true nature leads.

Blessings and peace,


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