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Finding home

While out on our walk today, the dog and I (I'm sure her enthusiastic bounding had something to do with it, so I'll say it was the both of us), lost the house key!

For the duration of the walk I was also on the phone chatting to a friend and I didn't realise until we'd returned home and reached for the key that was no longer attached to the lead. I quickly explained to my friend what had happened, ended the call and began retracing our steps back up the big hill!

A lot was racing through my mind on that re-walk.

At first there was panic, because I'd been not at all focused on the actual steps we'd taken. I was so engrossed in my phonecall I realised I didn't know which route we'd travelled! This wasn't going to make it any easier. I didn't even know which side of the streets to scan. Oops!

So then there was a little bit of self berating for not paying closer attention to what I was physically doing at the time.

And so followed the careful scanning and visual attunement to the grassed strips, the footpaths, the driveways and the patches of gravel, sand, concrete and drain covers. Not the usual visual intake on my morning walk, but the only means to finding my lost key!!

By this time I was starting to think how primitive keys seem compared to all of our other modern day substitutes for real things: cards you tap for cash, screens and phones for ...well... everything! Keys? You can't call them, there's no "find me" app for them, just a chuck of metal on a leather strap! And mine was lying somewhere on the streets.

After I realised it wasn't anywhere in the first 50 metres of the walk, I realised I really would need to retrace the ENTIRE walk. So I started thinking about how little time I had to fit this in my day. It's amazing how "the list", even at this time of mini crisis, still popped into my head vying for "braintime".

After a while of being so attuned to the GROUND, I began to realise the message in all this. After all these years of inner work, I guess I have realised that when something like this happens, there's always a silver lining - a seam of gold - a nugget even.

Bear with me while I explain...

This term at MYSHA, we are working on our sacred supports: that is, all the things that help support us to feel safe and secure; the things that connect us to our roots and our sense of belonging. The practice this term has us exploring, clearing and balancing our lower three chakras, which are all to do with our basic human needs and human flourishing. Home, family, our tribe and our culture. Our creative passion and purpose, and the inspiration and drive to empower ourselves to action.

This missing key (to my HOME) had me staring at the ground, retracing my steps and taking a much more concentrated and physical focus. So there it was. The message and the gem...

I had to get out of my head and come back to earth!

As I continue my day and reflect upon this, I am seeing the value of my morning's temporary "lostness". Oh, and yes I did find my key. It was right there with my connection to the earth, my home. Right where I needed to be.

Sometimes, it's that simple. ♡

If you would like to refocus your attention and your energy, perhaps to become more grounded or less driven by the "monkey mind", please contact me for a MYSHA Personal Session or join our Women's Circle group this Friday morning for some SACRED SUPPORT. You may find the key you've been searching for too!

Blessings and peace,


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