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The dwelling place of soul

This term at MYSHA we are working with the theme of SACRED SUPPORT. As part of this, we have been working on exploring our lower three energy centres (chakras): Muladhara (our base chakra), Svadhisthana (our sacral chakra) and Manipura (our solar plexus chakra). By focusing on these chakras, with awareness we are laying solid foundations for our whole wellbeing, finding strength from within and connecting to support that comes from being really grounded.

Last week I wrote about my adventuresome walk where I lost (and thankfully found!) my house (home) key. My little revelation last week was all about getting out of the lofty, heady heights of my thoughts and thinking mind and to ground..... To connect to home, to nature, to our earth home.

In our MYSHA girls group we REALLY connected to earth and did some gardening. It was such a gorgeous afternoon of connection in the outdoors. No surprises as to why the girls' art work last week featured some truly beautiful natural scenes. It's very special to see the freed spirit reflected back to us, the devoted time that we spend in communion with nature through our art. Here's a snippet of the fun...

Today I have been tuning in to my dwelling place....The dwelling place of my soul self.

While I sit with these lower chakras and indwell the grounded space of my home and my garden, how lovely it is to be reminded of all the blessings.

I've been drawn to focusing within the sacral chakra in particular this week - Svadhisthana, which translates from the Sanskrit:

Swa - "one's own"

Adhistana - "abode/seat"

and swad - "take pleasure in"

or swadhistana - "the dwelling place of self"

In this chakra, we find our inner creative waters. We find passion, pleasure, desire, creativity, birthing, and our sexuality - our femininity and masculinity. A wonderful potential for self affirmation can be explored here. It's also an opportunity to focus on balancing self nourishment with self expression!

Being that we women see this chakra as our womb space, it is also fitting to honour the element of this chakra, which is water and the the lunar phases of our natural cycles. It's a very sacred space to attune to and one which for me today has brought the call to birth some new music....

...to chant to the lunar deity of Soma (the Moon) and to indwell the creative space of my soul. I have a little video for you so we can all connect to the flowing energy. The sanskrit mantra is "Om som somaya namaha". You can check it out right here. Leave a comment to let me know what you think I should call it!

And please do come and join us THIS WEEK at the MYSHA HeARTSpace for more singing, chanting, sacred flow and self expression!

I would LOVE to see you!


MYSHA Girls - Thursday 3.45-5.15pm (Ages 5-12yrs)

Personal Sessions also available. Contact me here for details and bookings.


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