• Melissa Joss

Practising Multimodality

This week, I have had the absolute pleasure of leading another group of MYSHA Soundbathers through another wonderful sound therapy session. It has been an illuminating and truly beautiful experience watching the effects of sound flowing through our lives (my own included), bringing new awarenesses and shifting resistances.

Noticing ourselves is such a huge part of the practice.

After the sound session this week, I have taken the sonic technique of shifting from resistance to resonance to paper. Such is the beauty of multimodal creative arts (plural) therapy! New art forms bring new ways of seeing and new possibilities of BEING.

This week at MYSHA, our focus is on just that: how moving from one arts modality to another, we deepen the exploration and bring potential new understandings into the light.✨

I would love to share this very special creative practice with you!

TO LEARN MORE about how the ARTS can help bring new possibilities into your life, contact me here.

You can also book in to our MYSHA Women's Wellbeing Friday morning session at 9.30am.

Rich blessings,

Melissa ♡

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