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The River Speaks

When we work with the arts in therapy, we open our minds and our hearts to what we might find. Therapeutic art making is a really tangible way of tuning in to what our inner most self would like us to know in that moment. After all, we are the art-makers and what we create is a reflection of what we ourselves have expressed. There are often symbols and metaphors, sometimes hidden and sometimes very obvious, when we explore what we have made visible in our art. I believe the meanings we find here are gifts to us - then it's up to us as to what we decide to do with them.

Actually, I'm a firm believer that there are gifts - little knowings, little gems, just like the messages in our art work, all around us, all the time, just waiting to be gleaned.

Yesterday I found some in our local river. I had begun with the intention to simply "be" in the gentle, symphonic flow of this gorgeous little nature spot.

A simple practice of breathing more deeply and slowly, of nurturing my mind towards greater levels of awareness, of tuning into the sounds and drinking in the colours, and experiencing the textures, feelings and sensations. Without going into the full details of what became clearer for me, I will say that I'm so grateful that I stopped to listen and that I made that time to "be there" and to connect. Ever since this brief "stop over", I have enjoyed many synchronistic moments. The more I notice, the more they appear.

The river, it would seem, had something to say to me.

This week in MYSHA, we are tuning in with a special focus on meditation, pranayama and mindful connection to these whisperings from nature and the arts. If you aren't able to come to a session, you might like to go to your favourite place in nature (- it doesn't matter whether you do it in the physical world, or in your mind's eye), and go through these little prompts. You just never know what you might uncover!

  1. Notice the qualities of the space, beginning with its sounds...

  2. Pay attention to the immediate climate, the temperature, the air...

  3. Allow yourself to drink in the colours, shapes and forms of what you see...

  4. Tune into the feelings and sensations it brings you...

  5. Now deepen the breath and allow yourself to benefit from higher levels of oxygen and the detoxifying effects of letting go of tension and "old" air as you exhale. How do you feel now?...

  6. Are there any words or visions that come to mind?...

  7. Ask yourself if there might be any metaphors or symbols that come into your awareness...

I hope you make time for yourself to dip your toes in to the healing waters this week!

If you are able to come to our MYSHA Women's Wellbeing circle this Friday morning, you will experience this and more! From 9.30am at the MYSHA HeARTSpace.

Book here!

Also, coming up is our GONGBATH + Reflection Session! Tuesday, 6th March at 9.15am. Bookings are essential and places are filling up so be in touch very soon if you'd like to experience the deep resonance and therapeutic benefits of the gong!

Blessings of peace and wellbeing,


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