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Sacred Nourishment

Nutrition, Mindful Eating and Essential Oils for Grounding

With Special Guest Nutritionist Elizabeth Murray

By being mindful about the nutrition we are getting from the foods we choose to eat, we can muster the sacred support of Mother Earth to help us enjoy positive healing benefits and greater levels of wellbeing. It isn’t just about being more conscious about which particular foods we choose to eat, although this is the first step, it’s also important to be mindful about how we eat them.

This week we are very lucky to have our resident Nutritionist and Essential Oils expert Liz Murray from Aliveness Nutritional Therapy with us at MYSHA Women’s Wellbeing.

Liz and I have worked together to plan a circle for you which will get us all thinking about nutrition and the lower chakras, foods best for feeling grounded and how we benefit!

As always, it will be a holistic and multimodal experience as we enjoy the benefits of healing sound, mantra, expressive movement, visual arts and mindfulness meditation practice. There’s also a recipe and tasting of my Chakra Fritatta and an opportunity to try some different essential oils for grounding as well!

So please join us for this very special (and tasty!) morning as we journey through the senses and learn how to bring sacred nourishment into your life with greater awareness and JOY!

To book please contact me!

In MYSHA Girls this week, we are working on the practice of going with the flow and working on centring ourselves mindfully in our own river of peace whenever things become overwhelming or stressful. Last week we began our giant river wall mural and this week we will add the finishing touches. This is a beautiful way for young people to explore new concepts and learn new skills for mindfulness and wellbeing. I am thoroughly blessed by this work and these young divine beings!

Just this week I have begun receiving enquiries for my wait list for next term, so if you would like to book in for our MYSHA Girls Term 2 program, which runs on Thursdays from 3.45 to 5.15pm at the MYSHA HeARTSpace, please contact me!

If you've ever been curious to learn more about MYSHA Sound Therapy, you might like to attend my FREE Soundscapes session running on Tuesday, 20th March. This will run from 9.15am through lunch to about 1.30pm. It's a wonderfully creative way to participate in sound creation for healing and wellbeing! Bookings are essential.

I do hope to see you at the MYSHA HeARTSpace very soon for some creative wellbeing goodness!

Blessings and Peace,

Melissa ♡

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