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Mother Nature Provides

Last week at MYSHA Women's Wellbeing we had a wonderfully creative and collaborative session with our nutritionist Elizabeth Murray. We playfully ventured into an artful hybrid world of fruit & vegetables and explored how the therapeutic arts can bring us new insights and illuminate new possibilities for our wellbeing! It was also just an amazing sensory experience as we mindfully tried some new flavour combinations and immersed in a beautiful grounding technique with essential oils.

Such a delight for all of our senses!

If you would like to gain some insight and support for all things nutrition, please don't hesitate to contact Liz +61 7 55194500 !

This week we continue our SACRED SUPPORT theme by looking to Mother Nature once again, this time to explore flower essences and crystals. I find that by attuning to these exquisitely beautiful gifts of the earth we call in some of nature's most subtle yet effective vibrational remedies, especially when it comes to re-establishing our connection to nature.

Anxiety, stress, living a fast-paced, busy life, feeling like you’re on a mouse wheel of never-ending tasks and ever-increasing expectation to do more, be more and live more?!! This is what modern life is like for many people, children included! It’s little wonder that many of us are “on autopilot” and never really living in the now moment. We’re all too focused on where we need to get to next!

Add to all this an overly sensitive nervous system and an empathic, feeling type personality and we find ourselves, at least for the majority of the time, hovering above the land, rather than grounded upon it. But if we can turn our minds and our attention to the earth around us and beneath us, we crazy-busy humans can easily tap into the healing hum of earth….to centre……to ground…..to replenish our frazzled energetic systems.

If we can just get outside to enjoy her, Mother Nature provides the ultimate remedy for grounding and nourishing ourselves. But we can’t always find time to go outside into nature. Life sometimes has us stuck inside for a multitude of reasons, often beyond our immediate control.


Carry Crystals

One way of connecting to the energy of our earth, without actually going outside to ground and to recalibrate our energy, is to carry crystals with us.

Jasper, hematite, smoky quartz, shungite, petrified wood, carnelian, red calcite, garnet, obsidian, black tourmaline. These are your typical grounding stone choices, however I encourage you to choose any crystal that helps you to feel connected to the earth and to nature. For example, if you love the sea, you may find a blue stone like blue-laced agate or lapis lazuli is just right. There is no right or wrong. Just by holding the stone in your hand or rubbing it between your fingers if you’re wearing it as a pendant (as I often find myself doing in stressful situations) can prove instantly calming and centring.

Explore Flower Essences

Another wonderful tool from nature, easily available to us, is vibrational flower essences. These subtle, yet exquisite remedies are referred to as “energetic medicine”. The Australian Bush Flower Essences are created from Australian native plants in remote areas of this ancient land. Their uses are many and varied and they're a wonderful and very simple way for helping us to connect to Mother Nature for our own wellbeing.

For a short, 30 minute consultation to source your own personalised Australian Bush Flower Essence blend, contact me here.

Or come along to our MYSHA Women's Wellbeing circle this Friday and learn how to make up your own essence for 50% off the usual price. Click here to reserve your place!

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