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Sacred Balance

Welcome to Term 2 and a new theme at MYSHA!

This time around we are setting an intention for creating some greater sacred balance in our lives.

Each MYSHA term takes us on a journey of around 7-9 weeks (this term it's the full 9) to explore, reflect, express and discover more about who we are and how we are in the world.

It's a multimodal, creative adventure for body, mind, heart and soul and the compass is set to our "true north" for optimising our holistic wellbeing. Along with that comes a commitment to practice mindful, self awareness and hence a good deal of choice about how we'd like to navigate our forward path.

I can't wait to embark on this new term with you!

...Reason being, I have been craving greater sacred balance in my own life. Things can feel a little lop-sided from time to time in various aspects of life, probably for longer than we'd like. So with a keen spirit and devoted heart, I am throwing myself into this one with full conviction and I invite you to come along on the journey with me. It's time to weigh things up, have a feel and a sense and come to terms with what's really needed.

Do you sense things could use a bit of a tweak in the right direction? Sometimes the shifts we need to make may only be minuscule but make all the difference in terms of striking true balance.

Imagine how it would feel, to be fully grounded in this earthly life yet still have a transformational and uplifting connection to Soul. Imagine having a sweet mix of work and play time, purpose and pleasure, learning and leisure, strength and softness, robustness and vulnerability, giving and receiving, effort and surrender.






Artist: Josephine Wall

Full credit goes to artist Josephine Wall for the artwork Libra image. Web Source: http://www.josephinewall.co.uk/zodiac.html on 17/04/2018.

In MYSHA style, we will explore the theme of sacred balance through sound, music, visual arts, gentle yoga, breath work, sacred flow-dance and meditation/mindfulness practice.

We will journey through the 7 chakras - and explore the systems of energy in our bodies and in our lives. We will feel out where the challenges lie and where we need some support and nourishment and bring light to the tucked away spaces that hide in the shadows. This can be a little scary and it's called inner work for good reason! The thing is, if you signed up for this life in a human body, chances are you're up for the adventure!

We can all use a little more harmony, a little more unity, a little more self love in our lives. But what else does your soul crave? If balance feels like something you need more of,



from 9.30am

at the MYSHA HeARTSpace.

Come for the full 9 weeks and purchase a term pass to save $!! or attend casually for $20 per session. The choice is yours!

And if you have daughter who you would like to educate early about the importance of sacred balance and spiritual, emotional and social intelligence, please visit our

MYSHA Girls page!


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