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This week, I have decided to post the full notes for our MYSHA Women's Wellbeing morning. These are handed out to all participants and offer some extra guidance and support to each week's MYSHA practice. If you haven't been to one of these beautiful circles before, it will hopefully give you a taste and a little more inside information on what we get up to!

So here it is...

WEEK 3 – Manipura Chakra (Sanskrit - Jewel City)

A Balance of (Inner) Power

This week we turn our focus towards Manipura Chakra, located in our solar plexus area. This energetic centre is traditionally referred to as our inner sun. When we think about what life on planet earth would be without the sun, it’s actually pretty scary.

It’s a little bit the same when we overlay this metaphor upon ourselves - our own energetic being. Without our own inner sun, we have no inner power, no light, no drive, no stamina, no energy, no life at all really! We can’t see, we can’t grow, there is only darkness and possibly with that a lot of fear as well. So it’s obviously a good idea to do some clearing and balancing in the area of our solar plexus centre.

When we work with Manipura chakra, we are working with the life force that drives us to live our lives in the way that we want to live, to choose the path we want to take. Manipura draws life force/prana/chi from the universal central sun like a magnet and it fuels that mission and that course that we set ourselves and find ourselves navigating in real time…each moment, each day, week, year, and on it goes. The supply of this sacred fire energy is endless.

So when a new day dawns and the sun rises in the sky, we are reminded of the invitation with each new day, to rise, and draw upon the light and power of the sun within. By contrast, when we feel lethargic, unmotivated, fearful, thwarted or blocked, even in minor ways, there is an imbalance in this energetic centre within us; or a restriction in its natural flow.

To help restore flow and sacred balance, we can use this lens of working with Manipura chakra in self-reflective and creative ways. It's a wonderful opportunity to ask ourselves,

“Am I experiencing some *resistance to the natural flow of my inner power?

and if so.....what is that like for me?”

In embarking upon this inquiry, our MYSHA practice takes a holistic approach, so we inquire..



mentally and


The minute that we begin to look within for our own answers, we ignite the connection between our thoughts and our inner sun. We reawaken our awareness. This rekindles our power in the situation and no one can diminish its illuminating light once we connect to it.

The MYSHA practice enables us to fine tune this connection multimodally, through:

  • specific gentle yoga asanas,

  • sacred flow movement,

  • pranayama,

  • singing & chanting,

  • meditation and mindfulness techniques,

  • sound therapy,

  • creative arts expression

  • and sharing in a supportive and inspiring environment.

To deepen your inquiry...

1. Check which of the above modalities in our practice resonate most strongly with your experience and your connection to Manipura.

2. You might also like to think about which of the above modalities perhaps bring up some resistance in you?

3. You may wish to creatively reflect upon your reasons for this.

Follow-up Task:

When we start to focus on this mini power generator within ourselves, we soon come to recognise that we cannot operate in ON-mode twenty-four hours a day, all year long. Even if we tried, this would create a big imbalance in our natural rhythms and cycles. At the end of each day, the sun sets and we rest. While our solar plexus chakra keeps spinning and firing, aiding proper digestion, assimilation of nutrients and elimination of waste, etc. our nervous systems switch into rest and recovery mode. We heal and we balance.

There are times for action, putting in the effort and reaching for our potential, AND there are times we need to surrender.

How do you feel about the balance of effort and surrender in your own life?

What’s your favourite way to pause, rest and reflect?


I really hope you have enjoyed this detailed insight into a MYSHA Women's Wellbeing session. For all bookings, please contact me directly.

Blessings and peace to you,

Melissa ♡

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