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Vishuddha - Centre of Expression

Last week our MYSHA Girls, explored the Sacred Balance of giving and receiving and practiced tuning into the heart with some bubbly, felted creations. It was a fabulously tactile experience and one with lots of discussion about feelings and sensations - the ones we like and the ones we don't.

Check out our finished creations from the heart in the photo below....

We are now ready to move on to how we practice balance through self expression and play! Surfing, riding, dancing, climbing, tumbling.... I wonder what creations the children will make as we explore this week's theme?!!!

At MYSHA Women, last week, we explored the heART of giving and receiving. Being generous comes quite naturally to women - as the nurturers and carers of our precious ones. Through our creative sharing and togetherness, we found it's not really always that easy to allow ourselves to receive. In preparation for Sunday's celebration of Mothers Day, we tuned in and did some heart opening and self loving. Hopefully we all let some sweet love in last weekend and afforded our loved ones, the true gift of giving!

This week at the MYSHA HeARTSpace it's all about EXPRESSION as we move up to the throat chakra - Vishuddha. Sticking with our Sacred Balance theme, we will mindfully tune into our communication skills and explore ways to achieve a healthy and more equal flow of speaking and (really) listening, expression and introspection.

If you would like to join us TOMORROW, please be in touch!

Blessings and peace,


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