• Melissa Joss

Learning to find Balance

This Thursday is our last circle for Term 2, MYSHA GIRLS. We have been very creative this term with a wide variety of activities to explore the theme of Sacred Balance. We have sung we have played, we have danced. We have done science experiments, we've explored wet felting, we have practised and are mastering some quite tricky balance postures in our yoga practice, we've created some beautiful mandalas, clay creations, paintings and drawings. One of the highlights of the term was exploring the MYSHA Feelings Scale - a technique to help us to remember to self regulate and find a healthy sense of balance, when emotions are running high.

The girls have been so caring and nurturing of one another throughout the term. It's so

lovely to see how they create pictures and make little creations for each other. There is a growing sense of loving awareness and kindness in the circle. It's been a wonderful term together and we look forward to the next where we will explore our new theme: "Together We Make a Rainbow!"

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Check out the photo gallery of images taken throughout the term...

Term 3 - Together We Make a Rainbow

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