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Need more JOY?

Has winter got you feeling a little flat?

As a therapist, I often find the winter months are when my 1:1 clients take an upturn. Generally speaking, during winter we turn inwards and do a bit more self reflection. It has a different feel and a different energy to the summer months, when the vibe is (for many people), more outward. So if you feel a little low, please know that you're not alone!

Traditionally, especially in the coldest parts of our world, we associate winter with cooler colours, whites, blues and if it's rainy and overcast, perhaps many shades of grey. If life is presenting some challenges for us, we can easily be drawn to focus more on the darkness and get stuck there. I believe this period offers an abundance of learnings on our spiritual path.

Life isn't all sunshine and happiness. There are legitimate struggles that we experience that cause us to shrink from joy. It's vastly important for us as human beings to feel our feelings and to honour the full gamut of our emotional experiencing. To ignore or suppress our pain, our fear, our anger, frustration or shame, might get us through the demands of the day, but it isn't helpful in the long run.

Listening to ourselves and acknowledging how we feel is the way we learn to be more fully present to ourselves. When we can be more fully present to ourselves, we generate greater levels of self awareness and in turn, we find it easier to access the deep reserves within for compassion and self loving kindness. If we deny ourselves this loving presence, we are in effect cutting off parts of ourselves and only allowing the parts we desire to include in our identity. We think we're doing what's best for us to 'put on a happy face' or 'push through the day ', but in my experience, the sooner we attend to the pain and the struggle and listen to those emotions we don't want to feel, the sooner we create greater space for wellbeing - and for a return to joy.

And this great well of compassion and kindness, once we practice it on ourselves, has the potential to expand and ripple out to our loved ones as well! This is how getting in touch with the winter we experience within - and allowing all of the colours of our human selves a place in our personal rainbow - can actually create space for beauty and love and JOY!

Just as a rainbow takes many colours to express its whole, beautiful self, we too can allow our whole selves to be expressed and appreciated. Further to this, one of the most effective ways to brighten winter and lift our spirits, is to surround ourselves with beautiful people and to actively seek out experiences which are engineered for JOY! This term's theme is Together We Make A Rainbow! and we'd love for YOU to be part of it!

So if you are searching for a regular spiritual wellbeing practice that supports your whole self to be expressed and loved and which has you appreciating humanity in all its gorgeous diversity, please don't hesitate to join our

MYSHA Womens Wellbeing circle,

Fridays from 9.30am.

Term 3 is 9 weeks beginning 20th July.

Earlybird discounts apply!!

Bookings here!

There's a mat with your name on it!

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