• Melissa Joss

The alchemy of awareness

Since the magnificent full blood moon and lunar eclipse just past, I have felt a massive shift. I wonder if you have felt it too?

There is a quickening in the air, an activation and a momentum. In this new awareness, there is an invitation. Perhaps it's always been there! Perhaps the full moon has done a bit of a sweep and taken with her some previous inhibitions and resistance that was weighing us down. Perhaps then, in this lighter state, we are more likely to resonate with the vast ocean of possibilities that abound?!

I'm going out on a limb here I guess.

I personally am feeling called to take up this invitation toward a more alchemic and transformational practice. I'm doing this practice daily, and seeing beautiful results. So I am offering to share its essence with all of you at my MYSHA Women's Wellbeing mornings each Friday.

It's no coincidence that this term's theme is "Together We Make A Rainbow", because the symbol of promise that the rainbow provides us all, no matter what race, colour, creed or culture we belong to, is a beautiful reminder that each one of us may take up the invitation for a more wonder-filled life. You never know, the proverbial pot of gold may await you!

So come and join us for an enlivening and beautiful journey through the MYSHA practice, this Friday, 3rd August


at the MYSHA HeARTSpace!

There's a mat with your name on it!

Bookings here.

Blessings and peace,

Melissa ♡

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