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What's in a practice?

Anyone who comes to MYSHA sessions, be they one to one sessions or wellbeing circles and group events, will have heard me voice the importance of maintaining our own wellbeing practice.

We live in a world where if something needs fixing, we want it done fast. We often seek the solution that's simple, easy and quick. When the appliance breaks, we throw the old one out and replace it with a new one. When the winter flu makes its presence felt, we pop a pill and soldier on. Even when the really big stuff happens, there is a pressure to "get over it" as swiftly as possible and get on with life. Or even better still, we might even pretend there was no problem to start with and go on in denial.

What we forget is that all these little broken things are symptoms of a bigger picture. Sure if the toaster breaks, then it might simply be time to get a new one. But when our bodies have a symptom or pain, it's a call for our attention. In the same way, if we find ourselves experiencing a low mood, or frustration or stress of some kind consistently, throughout our daily life, it's our soul's way of saying "HEY!"

In many cases that I see, where there is some kind of suffering, it's very often a call to pause. To pay attention. To tune in. Finally. To what is going on within.

A regular wellbeing practice that has a holistic approach takes into account all of our needs - physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and creative.

MYSHA offers this holistic approach to achieving your personal wellbeing in the form of a multi-modal practice. It engages the full gamut of the senses, using sound, voice, movement, visual arts, creative expression, breath work, meditation and energy work. It enables us to actively explore and enquire into our experience in the present moment and find out what our bodies, minds, hearts and souls are trying to tell us!

Often the message is to come back as often as you can. To return to the present moment, to listen, and to tune back in to the frequency of your soul self. There is a great deal of knowing to be understood here in our practice.

So find the space and the time to go within. Even if it's while you're sitting in traffic or washing up. Better still, factor a specific time in your day to check in and begin anew. Create your own practice.

Your soul wants to communicate with you.


If you would like to heed the call and join me for a 1:1 session or be part of a group practice at the MYSHA HeARTSpace, in Highland Park, please be in touch here.


Friday mornings, from 9.30am


Thursday afternoons, 3.45-5.15pm


by appointment

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