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Last Friday I took the MYSHA women on excursion to one of my favourite parts of the world - which also happens to be a bit of a nature "power place". It's the kind of place that always restores that heavenly sense of connection and oneness that we each crave - which is why I've been going there regularly since my teenage years.

I don't think there's ever been a time when I didn't see dolphins in the waters that this pandanas-lined clifftop overlooks. It's red earth, vast open seas and grassy hillside offers a richness of raw beauty that never fails to soothe, uplift and unify - the MYSHA mission.

No sooner had we arrived, and whales were spotted on the horizon. It was instant happiness for all of us to see these beautiful creatures of the sea breaching and waving to us with their gorgeous heart shaped tails.... Our first miracle shared.

Once we settled on a spot and got ourselves seated and instruments out, we were SO EXCITED to see that the same whales had made their way all the way in. They were literally right in front of us, cruising past one way and then turning back to come for another look. It was nothing short of magical. The presence of these majestic creatures on the horizon was one thing, but for them to come in so close like this was something I for one had never experienced here before - not in all the years I have been visiting! It was a first for many of us!

There's no doubt in my mind that this was an affirmation of miracles and the magical! ...And actually since that day last week, many of the women present for that very sacred circle have experienced some pretty life changing miraculous events! If you would like to find out more about the synchronicities and wonderful things that have been happening, please join us and experience for yourself, some of the MYSHA magic, this Friday morning at the MYSHA HeARTSpace!!

This week we will be celebrating the weekend's coming full moon in Pisces, which is very apt, as we also carry out a water ceremony to call in some much needed rain to our lands here on the Gold Coast! There will be beautiful music and whale song with the gong, crystal bowl healing sounds, art making, sacred flow dance and more! PLUS!!! Every woman who attends this Friday will receive a voucher for a complimentary Lomi Lomi massage!!!

Please be sure to book your place by contacting me here>>


9.30am Friday Mornings


Blessings of creative abundance,

Melissa ♡​

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