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Hanging On... just for a bit

And just like that, Spring is here!

As I take in the world around me today and the shift of the season upon us, I feel the wind! It's pretty blowy out there!

When I tune into Nature around me in this way, and get present with her, there's invariably a message.... And today, there was a picture and with it, a poem that wanted to emerge.

Luckily I had a little time to let it come through....

Holding on to what's known as if by a thread

As the air rushes and rushes

We bend, the known and I

I take sweet shelter from its boughs

And feel the world hastens around us

Hold fast dear roots

We will need your assurance

Hold fast trunk

We will need your strength and your flex

Hold fast thread

We will rely upon your fibre

May we sense the wisdom to keep growing with it

And the courage to let go when it is time to.

- Melissa Joss

So what does this all mean and why am I sharing it here?

Well firstly, I think it points to the passing of time and the pace at which the years are flying by. Sometimes I feel a little like a tiny heart in a big, blowy world that's always trying to move me along a little quicker, towards the next thing.

Then I notice how fine that thread is and how in one snip it could all CHANGE. Would it mean freedom or chaos, to let go? I don't know! Perhaps this is why the thread is still fastened, however fine the "knot".

The unknown is a place for the courageous! I'm not quite feeling brave enough today, which is why this picture has come, I'm sure.

And my intuition tells me that IT'S OKAY to take my time here. To be present and to notice the effects of this wind. To tune into its energy and its infinite potentials BEFORE I let go of this trusty known place.

Do you ever feel this way about changes?

The need for some one or some thing to hold on to for a bit?

To reflect and to remember what's really important?

I've been doing a lot of big meditations recently that have had this awesome manifesting energy and it's now time, says soul, to breathe in compassion for self and linger just for a bit. To ease off the accelerator pedal and find a place to shelter in self loving kindness.

Not because I lack the courage to let go and fly in the face of fear. Well maybe it's that too - just a bit. Mainly though, it's a need that's louder than the rest. And if there's one thing all of my seasons have taught me, it's that I learn a lot when I listen to my needs.

So this week at MYSHA, we are slowing down and gathering in the senses of self love. It's a massively important part of our practice. To find and to feel compassion in the stillness, amidst the pace and to listen to what we need just now.

I hope that you will join me for our walk in nature this Wednesday morning, 5th September. If you'd like to book a place, please be in touch!

Blessings and peace,

Melissa ♡

#springishere #selflovingkindness #presentmoment

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