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Do you let love in?

Hello Wonderful People!

I’m going to start this post by sending each and every one of you a wave of loving kindness! From my heart to yours…………. there it goes…… out to YOU! 💗

Did you feel it?

If you’re coming up blank, maybe there’s a tweak of the dial that needs to be made in order for us to tune in directly to each other’s frequency.

Here’s a question for you….right now in this generous present moment of pure potential….

"How much love am I letting in?

If you’re reading this, you *know* that we are, each one of us, a divine soul being, having a sacred human experience. Yet so often, we forget! And in that same forgetting, we lose connection to our centre. The centre of us is where we sense an inner alignment and connection: to our body to our heart, to our intuition/third eye, to our crown and to the field, the source, the light, God, spirit, oneness, consciousness - whatever you would like to call 'it’.

The more I practice MYSHA - the beautiful combination of meditation, yoga and the self healing arts modalities that I love, the more I am aware of the alignment - or indeed misalignment of all of the sacred parts of myself.

I am evolving, as we all are.

What awareness is teaching me just now is that there is a thing called “the great allowing” that is waiting in the silent wings for us to see it, know it, embrace it.

We put so many busy things in the way. Things that prevent us from enjoying a beautiful connection with our inner sovereign self and things which prevent us from feeling the LOVE that surrounds us and flows TO us from... everywhere!

We are so conditioned into believing that we are living a life that wasn’t meant to be easy, and perhaps that we are victims of life circumstance and all its 'to do' lists... Of needing to work, of needing to keep house, of needing to meet our loved ones' needs, of needing to make something of ourselves and our lives. The crushing weight of these beliefs hold us in patterns of safety-seeking. For the most part, we shy away from the things that are risky and instead work to strengthen the things that keep us surviving - year in year out. And MAYBE, hopefully somewhere along the way, we plan in a holiday and take a break, or vacation somewhere and then at the end of that, come back and do it all again.

The great allowing happens when we reach that place in our practice that allows us to rest in the pause. In that stillness, or that flow, however it finds us, we are finally able to feel safe enough to leave behind the lists and the busy stuff - or even just put them 'on hold’ and open the door to the heart to allow love (and a more wonderful life) to enter.

Here, in this great allowing, we can fully feel the now moment and we can fully experience true love with life.

If you feel it’s high time to connect with your inner sovereign - the part of you that holds your answers for true peace and bliss and you dare to come and practice the great allowing with me, then please book in for either the

Sound Journey session this Thursday, at 9.15am

or the

MYSHA Women’s Wellbeing circle this Friday morning from 9.30am.

And if you are busy at both of these times, please be in contact if you’d like to arrange a session time that suits you. 1:1 sessions are available! Give yourself the breather that your divine self has been craving! Let love enter your holy house of self.

In loving service,

Melissa ♡

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