• Melissa Joss

A Biological Upgrade

Hello Beautiful People!

I am fresh out of one of the most, if not the most incredible experiences of my life.​​

Last week, as you know, I attended an advanced retreat with around 750 other gorgeous souls. Words cannot describe the depth of my joy, the breadth of my love and the wholeness of my true self having been there. Upon reflection, the best way I can describe this retreat was partaking in a biological upgrade!

Gratitude is the resounding sense.

Probably the most wonderful aspects of the experience was that I had a very strong affirmation that the work that I am doing, indeed that WE are doing at MYSHA, is spot on. We are on track for turning this global ship around each and every time we choose to acknowledge with awareness, connect with loving kindness and liberate ourselves from the stuck patterns of the past.

Of course life is never all unicorns and rainbows. Upon my return, I have come face to face with real life. The needs of family members that seem a tad never-ending. The sensory assault of the busy lifestyle and environment that life presents as. Housework. Admin. All that stuff. It's all still there.....

But I choose to see life in a whole new way. My perspective has opened up and my heart is way open. And I am reminded that it's a practice. One that requires consistent attunement and a desire to become more fully present.

If you would like to come and bask in the beauty of life with me, and embark on the practice, please join one of our wellbeing groups, sound journey sessions or book in for a 1:1.

There really is no moment like the present!

With love,

Melissa ♡

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